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Bad Ash Fireplace Cleaning System

Bad Ash Fireplace Cleaner

Fireplace ash clogs bags, jams filters, and is like sandpaper on your motor.

The Bad Ash turns your vacuum into an industrial style cleaning powerhouse.

Why can’t I just use a work shop vacuum?

Workshop vacuums are usually plastic and have plastic hoses that can melt. They can’t handle an accidental hot coal. They have flammable filters. The filters clog and the motor can burn up.

Stop ruining your vacuum, make it a BAD ASH!

  • ByPass System protection
  • Air tight locking system
  • Flame retardant filter
  • Metal based hose
  • Steel container

You can spend at least $400 on a metal workshop vacuum, and it still won’t have:

  • An air tight barrel style positive locking system
  • An aluminum metal reinforced hose
  • Fire retardant HEPA filter cover